A thorough and up-to-date assessment of the water quality of your pond or lake is the most important aspect of pond 
management where animal and plant life are concerned.

Water quality can be determined by the biological, chemical and physical attributes of your pond.

Biologically, the type and number of different species of organisms, the population and overall health level of those species found in a body of water is a clear indicator of water quality.

Chemical attributes such as pH, hardness, alkalinity, the amount of dissolved oxygen, nitrites, nitrates and ammonia as well as the presence of harmful levels of chemicals or bacteria such as fecal coliform greatly affect the health and balance of life in a body of water.

Davis Fish Farms/Pond and Lake Services can assess all aspects of your ponds water quality, make recommendations and perform treatments as necessary that will either improve the quality or help maintain the quality of water found in your pond or lake.