Creating the right underwater habitat to support a healthy fish population is an extremely beneficial step to take
in creating the perfect environment for fish and other organisms to thrive.

The fact is - fish need cover. Cover consists of underwater structures such as downed trees, stumps, rocks, plants and even deep holes that allow fish to hunt, hide, rest and reproduce. Different types of fish like different types of cover. Small fish find safety in the shallows among dense aquatic plant outcroppings. Larger, more mature fish enjoy branches and trunks of submerged trees both for shade as well as protection from predator fish. Big Bass, for instance, tend to gravitate towards shallow points that still lend easy access to deep drop-offs or holes in tree trunks or beneath rocks. Creating a balanced underwater environment ensures that all species and sizes of fish will find a place that they can thrive creating a healthy food chain all the way up the line.

Davis Fish Farms/Pond and Lake Services would appreciate the opportunity to visit your pond or lake to perform an analysis of the existing underwater structure and provide recommendations for alterations and improvements. If you are planning on building a new pond or small lake, Davis Fish Farms/Pond and Lake Services can look at your plans, visit the site and offer preconstruction information as well. Please feel free to call us at (256) 526-8453 or feel free to Contact Us by email.