Pond liming is an essential step in neutralizing the acidity of water and soil with the goal of bringing your ponds pH level into 
a neutral state perfect for aquatic plants and animals.

Fish, frogs, salamanders and other aquatic creatures can become stressed in water with a high acidity. This stress results in a reduced resistance to disease, less successful reproductive cycles and a slower overal growth rate and level of health.

The Natural Solution
Natural Limestone in powder form is an inexpensive, non-toxic mineral that naturally reduces the acidity of water and soil. The application of lime in proper amounts spread evenly over a body of water will ultimately begin to bring the water and soil into a state of balance resulting in a more productive aquatic environment.

Davis Fish Farms/Pond and Lake Services will test the acidity and alkalinity of your pond or lake and make recommendations to you as to whether or not liming is necessary. How extensive the application should be and how often reapplication should occur in order to bring your pond or lake into optimal balance.